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Entityframework model diagram not showing

Sometimes when opening your entityframework model you’ll notice that none of the entities show in the diagram.

No amount of deleting or adding them again will work. Then try this.

Right click on the diagram and select ‘Move diagrams to Seperate file’.

In your solution explorer you will see a new file created, with the extension edmx.diagram.

Delete this file. Save the project and reopen your model diagram, the entity objects should now show.


The type or namespace name ‘Script’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Web’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Compiling an app you get the error

The type or namespace name ‘Script’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Web’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Just add a reference to System.Web.Extensions

and it should work.



Virtual glasses

A while back I made a post about how keen I was to see the Vuzix glasses. After they were made available I did a bit more research, and it turns out there are other, possibly better options.

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer OLED 1280×720 (720p reported), OLED, 35 deg FOV, $515, HDMI 1.4, 45inch @ 6 feet, headtracking optional
Vizux VR1200 852×480,  LCD, 35 deg FOV, $600, VGA, DVI & USB, 75inch @ 10 feet, headtracking included


After comparing the Carl Zeiss to the Vuzix options I can only conclude, if you’re in the market for a set of virtual glasses, the Carl Zeiss are the better option. Not only are they OLED but the resolution is massively better! Yes the Zeiss don’t have the trendy sport shade look that you can wear in the train or whatever. But for what I’d use it for that’s not a show stopper.


Error Code 10061: Connection refused – ASP.Net VS2010



When running a local project from VS2010 I kept getting a connection refused error.


If you are debugging or running your problem using localhost, check your proxy settings. They should be set to bypass proxy server for local connections.


Cannot convert lambda expression to type … because it is not a delegate type

Here is a small gotcha .

The message is rather cryptic, but the solution is pretty simple.


using System.Linq

to your code 😛

Debugging Stylesheets

This  is more a handy tip than anything else.

Problem: I had created a website using dynamic stylesheets. Running on my machine and all developers machines around me it looked fine. Then I deployed it for testing and the problem appeared. On the testers machine, also using IE8 the site looked different! I couldnt figure out why until a collegue suggested he check his compatability view.

As it turns out normal Pc’s here have compatability view mode enabled by default through the domain settings. So everyone is running in IE7 mode. At least I had found part of the problem, my website wasnt IE7 compatible. The next problem was WHY? What was I using in my CSS that was specific to IE8?

Solution: After scratching my head on how I would find the erroneous CSS element I hit on the idea to use something I hardly ever do, IE8’s built in ‘Developers Tools’ (F12)

Using this I opened up the page, and then one-by-one enabled and disabled CSS elements related to the page I was viewing and the part of it that wasn’t showing correctly. It didnt take long to find 2 elements I was using that were causing a problem in IE7.

string.format(“Hello {0}”,@name);

OK first post here, “Hello World” and all that Jazz.  I’ve been developing and maintaining applications for a while now. Everynow and then I find myself having to invent the wheel. That is to say, even with the rich information available on the interwebs sometimes I just can’t find a solution to my problems. SO I thought, lets blog them when we do, and mayhaps we can helps some other peeps out.