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PRISM application

I’ve been tasked with building a simple proof of concept application by next week. It MUST be modular and loosely coupled. It SHOULD be portable to Silverlight and possibly mobile applications. Not actually having built a WPF application yet this has me excited. As a bonus I get to implement PRISM and the MVVM pattern plus choose a dependacy injection container.

Once the proof of concept succeeds this most likely be the basis of a complete overhaul of the existing systems we are working with! Wish me luck! 🙂

Update -Right now I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. After reading some of a ‘Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism’ yesterday I had the impression I had a choice between 2 depedancy injection containers MEF or Unity (yes there are others but these 2 are for now the most logical choice).

After reading David Hill’s blog ( it seems it can be argued that MEF isn’t even a DI container. In fact MEF and Unity can be used together with PRISM! Obviously I can’t expect to learn these concepts within a week.


MVVM or domaindatasource

I spent a day delving into the basics of the MVVM model and implementing it in my current project. It took me several hours to implment a simple example using strict MVVM practises. Using DomainDataSource takes me minutes to do the same thing.
The only info I find on the interwebs regarding DDS vs MVVM boils down to “Don’t use DDS, its bad practise”….I’m not convinced. But they days are young. I expect that somewhere down the road I’ll realise I’ve made a huge design flaw and end up refactoring/redesigning everything…hehe